Something's Lurking in the Water

McKenzie Kinley

Marissa Perlman of CBS 13 in Sacramento speaks with the parents of McKenzie Kinley after their tragic loss. McKenzie fell victim to Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) due to a faulty light in the family's pool.

Dangers in the Lake - Good Morning America

Casey Johnson's family warns of the dangers of ESD  (Electric Shock Drownning), how it took their daughter, and almost took her father and brother.

ShockAlarm mentioned as protection.

Condo Complex and Calder Sloan

An informative piece with a happy ending for a family in a FL condo complex as well as commentary from Chris Sloan, father of Calder Sloan, who tragically lost his life due to ESD in his family's pool. 

Andrew Pasek & Reporters

 A mother is devastated after her son was electrocuted in the Texas floods. Jodell Pasek says her son Andrew, 25, who was an Eagle Scout, was always ready to help anyone in need. While trying to save his sister's cat, Andrew touched a light pole that was electrified. No one could come to his rescue for more than an hour, until the power had been switched off in the neighborhood.