Kids' Electric Shock In Swimming Pool, Florida

What Is Electric Shock Drowning?

Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) occurs when electrical current leaks into water. This could be around your pool, your dock, or your boat. The amount of current required to cause serious harm or death is miniscule. Less than a third of the amount of current required to light a 40W bulb is fatal. This video is the only one we’re aware of that shows what happens when electricity is leaking into the water. Learn more about Electric Shock Drowning on our ESD Resource Page.

What Makes ESD Happen?

The image above (originally prepared by David Rifkin) depicts how electrical current can leak into the water around a dock or shoreline. The same process can occur around your boat or in your pool. Any time there is water and electricity – the potential for a dangerous situation exists. We’ve compiled a brief list on some of the conditions that can lead to electric shock drowning.

Introducing ShockAlarm

Ideal for pools or docks – ShockAlarm is a floating, passive, continuously monitoring alarm that plays a vital part in the safety of your family while in the pool, around your dock or boat. ShockAlarm floats in the water and monitors for the presence of stray electrical current that could be potentially dangerous. This is a passive device and that means it isn’t connected to the electrical system – which could pose added dangers when around water. ShockAlarm continuously monitors the surrounding water and will sound an alert and flash a warning light when electrical current is detected. Order yours today!