Is Your Pool Safe?

Electricity is invisible in water and is dangerous.
It could be lurking in your swimming pool.
How would you know? ShockAlarm can protect
your family.


Your Pool Needs ShockAlarm

It doesn’t take much electricity to cause a dangerous situation in your pool that could lead to Electric Shock Drowning or ESD.

ESD is a drowning event where the person is paralyzed as a result of electric current in the water. If you are paralyzed while swimming, the result is usually a drowning.

ShockAlarm® is a patented device that is portable and constantly monitors the water for electrical current. ShockAlarm stays in the water while you swim. It works in freshwater pools, salt water pools, and in fiberglass pools.

Is Your Dock Safe?

Docks and marinas can be deadly with
dangerous electricity lurking nearby or
from a boat or houseboat in the area.


Your Dock Needs ShockAlarm

ShockAlarm® will constantly monitor your dock area for dangerous electrical current. It works in freshwater, brackish water, and salt water.

Keep ShockAlarm tethered to the area where you enter and exit the water. Great for houseboats, pontoons, and swimming platforms too!