About ShockAlarm

At ShockAlarm we’re on a mission to save lives. Electric shock drowning, or ESD, is a life-threatening  hazard which begins as an electrical current in a body of water that meets with a person’s body and temporary paralyzation results. Once paralyzed an individual loses muscle control and drowning results in places most feel safe including swimming pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, and dock areas.


ShockAlarm was created as the brainchild of Brian Byrd back in 2010 after seeing a news story of a young boy being shocked in the family pool and as the rest of the family attempted to save him, they all died of ESD. Mr. Byrd knew there was a way he could save lives and provide an alarm system to this potential ESD hazard of electrical current in water so he began initial designs of ShockAlarm in his spare time. After seeing another news story in April 2014 regarding Calder Sloan who died as a result of low voltage electrocution in his family’s swimming pool. Mr. Byrd was compelled to complete his design of ShockAlarm and  begin saving lives. A patent for the ShockAlarm device has been filed with the US Patent Office..