Are ShockAlarm Batteries Replaceable?

The batteries in the ShockAlarm device are not replaceable. They are sealed into the unit to ensure water does not enter the circuitry.

The continuous-life (monitoring time without turning the device "off") for the ShockAlarm device is approximately 12-18 months depending on how many times it alerts as it detects electricity. By replacing the red magnet when not in use, ShockAlarm is effectively in the "off" position which can extend the battery life by several months.

Are the ShockAlarm Batteries Rechargeable?

The batteries in the ShockAlarm device are not rechargeable. They are sealed into the unit and are not replaceable. 

The continuous-life (monitoring time without turning the device "off") for the ShockAlarm device is approximately 12-18 months depending on how many times it alerts as it detects electricity. By  replacing the red magnet when not in use, ShockAlarm is effectively in the "off" position which can extend the battery life by several months. 

What is the Detection Range of ShockAlarm?







Many factors can limit the range that allows the ShockAlarm to detect unhealthy levels of

voltage. The range is the distance from the ShockAlarm to a given point in the water.

This partial list of factors include:

• Type of body of water (Pools, Lakes, Rivers, etc.)

• Objects in the water (Docks, Boats, Ladders, etc.)

• Type of pool (Fiberglass, Concrete, Liner, etc.)

• Depth of water

The common link among all these factors is their ability to conduct, or insulate, electricity from source to earth ground. Electricity will always follow the route of least resistance. This

inherent nature of electricity can limit how far from the source in the water it travels. In other words, if a dangerous voltage source enters the water and reaches ground earth close to the source, the ShockAlarm would need to be close to the source to activate the alarm. 

Below are our suggested recommendations:

• Always have a certified electrician check all electrical systems where swimming is enjoyed.

• It is never a good practice to enter the water around dock areas.

• Place the ShockAlarm in areas that pose high risk to electric shock such as underwater lights, metal ladders or other electrical devices. 

• Always place the ShockAlarm in the area where people enter, and exit, the water.

Can I Use ShockAlarm in Fiberglass Pools?

Yes. ShockAlarm is suitable for fiberglass pools. Pool Safety

Can I Use ShockAlarm in Salt Water Pools?

Yes, ShockAlarm can be used in a salt water pool.

Can I Use ShockAlarm in Brackish Pools?

Yes, you can use ShockAlarm in brackish water.


How Do I Shut Off My ShockAlarm?

When you are not using your ShockAlarm, simply place the red disk with the magnet back on to

the Velcro™ dot. This will turn your ShockAlarm off and conserve battery power.

How Do I Test My ShockAlarm?

3 Easy Steps!

1. Remove the red disc to activate the ShockAlarm.

2. Hold the end of the ShockAlarm with the light.

3. Place the end which will be submerged, close to a cell phone charger that is plugged in

The light on the top will flash and there will be a sound similar to a home alarm which will sound. Please see the video on video tab for a demonstration.

How Do I Tie Off My ShockAlarm?

You will want to tie off your ShockAlarm unit to the location where you enter and leave the

water. Simply secure a nylon rope between the floats and tie the other end to a ladder or

something similar. Leave enough line so that the ShockAlarm floats about 12-14 inches from

the tie off.

What is ESD or Electric Shock Drowning?

Electric Shock Drowning, or ESD, is a drowning event where the person is paralyzed as a result of electric current in water (for example: pools, lakes, marinas, hot tubs). If you are paralyzed while swimming, the result is usually a drowning. If the electrical current through the body is high

enough, it can directly affect the heart resulting in cardiac arrest. There is seldom any physical evidence of electrical shock unless a person actually comes in contact with something that could cause a mark on the skin.

We are able to classify this type of drowning as ESD because it is typically witnessed by friends

and/or family members.

What Causes ESD (Electric Shock Drowning)?

Many pools, hot tubs, and spas have underground lights and some have assistive devices for

lowering people into the water. Docks (both public and private marinas) have electrical service

for powering boats, lighting, and other conveniences. Any time that there is an electrical

connection near water, it should be properly inspected and grounded.

Even your pump can be a source of danger. You may think that you’re safe because you have

PVC piping, but electricity can travel through the water inside that PVC pipe. The incident in

Hialeah, Florida was due to a malfunctioning pool pump.

Normal wear and tear, misuse, or simple lack of maintenance can render these safeguards

ineffective. These types of electrical faults can result in electricity entering the water. As a

result, people (and animals) that enter the water can be paralyzed or electrocuted by the

electricity in the water without touching anything.

How Often Does ESD Occur?

According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional

injury death worldwide. In 2012, an estimated 372,000 people died from drowning. What we

don’t know is how many of these drowning deaths could have been caused by electric shock. It

is only by witness reports and on scene investigations can an event be attributed to ESD. electric shock drowning


How Do I Make Sure My Marina or Dock is Safe?

First, make sure your docks (both marina and private) and boats are up to current applicable

standards. Following codes and standards is the best way to ensure safety for anyone who

might accidentally enter the water around docks using electricity. We encourage you to have

your electrical connections inspected annually by a licensed marine electrician.

Making sure that all of your electrical connections meet the applicable standards is the first

step. Routine inspections should be conducted to inspect for accidental damage, rodent

damage, etc. Finally, use a passive continuous detecting device that will alert you to the

presence of electricity in the water. water safety electric shock drowning

How Can I Ensure My Pool is Safe?

Make sure all of your electrical connections meet your local building codes. Have a licensed

electrician inspect your system each year.

Use only low-voltage lighting in and around your pool. Make sure all electrical connections are

on a GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Replace your GFCIs on a regular basis – they do

wear out over time.

Finally, use a passive continuous detecting device that will alert you to the presence of

electricity in the water.

Can I Improve Detection Range?

Detection range of the ShockAlarm around a dock may be improved using the following

method. Running a non-insulated wire along the parameter and below the water level of a dock

allows the ShockAlarm to operate at a greater range. This simple but effective technique

increases the likelihood that the water adjacent to the dock is free of harmful electricity. If a

harmful voltage is introduced into the water at any point from the dock, the static voltage

pressure will be reflected along the open wire. This will activate the ShockAlarm, which is

tethered to the open wire, and alert people of the impending danger. Note: The open wire is

not connected to ground and should not be connected to any conductive materials on the dock.

Use insulated fasteners if the dock is constructed from conductive materials.

Can I Order ShockAlarm Wholesale for My Business?

Absolutely! We would love to work with you and continue our mission to save lives! Please send us a line to info@shockalarm.com

I Provide Pool Maintenance and Am Concerned Recommending ShockAlarm to My Clients May Affect My Repu

That is understandable. However, you cannot protect completely against the elements- weather and animals can affect wiring and allow for ESD. Our recommendation is to advise your customers your job is to take care of their pool, even when you're not present. Automobile manufacturers continuously add protection based upon previous events. Adding ShockAlarm into your services is simply an added extra measure to protect people. 

Where Can I Purchase a ShockAlarm?

You can order ShockAlarm by clicking here or through our store on Amazon.com.