Electric Shock Drowning

The dangerous conditions that can cause loss of life

Any time there is water and electricity – the potential for a dangerous situation exists. Here are a few examples of what can go wrong and allow electrical current to leak into the water.

  • High unsafe voltage reaches the underwater lights (pools,fountains, docks) through a compromised transformer. Some causes include:
    • Wet transformer
    • Physical damage
    • Foreign conductive object lying on the transformer
    • Corrosion
  • Electricity flowing from the pump/filter – even if you’re using PVC piping
  • Incompetent electricians and/or plumbers working on electrical systems.
  • Weather occurrences such as floods or lightning can cause electrical shorts to all supply equipment. Also, fallen power lines due to trees or wind.
  • Unauthorized people working with pool supply equipment. This also includes children, and untrained homeowners.
  • Careless maintenance people working around water with electrical power equipment and extension cords. (lawn, cleaners, painters)
  • Aging insulation on underground electrical lines and pool supply lines.
  • Pools and docks with faulty GFCI breakers.
  • Pools and docks built before building codes required GFCI breakers.
  • Poorly manufactured pool equipment (pumps, lights, heaters, etc.)
  • Incorrect wiring of generators on boats, marine gas stations, docks and boat houses.