How many of you went swimming in a lake yesterday? Here in Southern Indiana, the heat index was over 95F and believe me, jumping off a dock into the closest body of water was definitely on my mind! Lake swimming is awesome right!?

But… how can you be certain that there isn’t any bad electrical connections around that dock? Do you know for sure that there aren’t any underground electrical cables? You can’t and that’s why we always say “Think Before You Jump!”

The US Coast Guard and other marine safety experts warn against swimming around unfamiliar docks for this very reason. Even if it’s your dock, you should take every available step to ensure safety. Additionally, you need to get our portable, passive, alarm system – ShockAlarm – to take with you when you swim. Simply tether it to the dock area where you get in ¬†and out of the water.

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Featured image courtesy of: Jakob Owens