We had an amazing Kickstarter launch party on May 13, 2015 and we went “live” with our Kickstarter Campaign. We wanted to give these 7 companies a “Shout Out” for all the hard work, the many hours, and Diet Mountain Dews that were delivered! We couldn’t have made it this far without these folks. Please check them out and give them your business. After all, it’s all about Keeping It Local!

  • 323 Ink — These folks did a fantastic job on our invitations as well as the awesome step and repeat banner featured behind the podium. If you need printing or promotional items, check out 323ink.com.
  • Bread and Breakfast — The team at Bread and Breakfast catered our launch party. The food was excellent and the service was amazing!
  • Indiegenous — An online marketplace of independent businesses indigenous to the US. Local shopping; even when you’re not. Thanks to Indiegenous for helping out with launch preparations and with connecting us to local vendors!
  • megaWhispermegaWhisper is responsible for engineering the growth of our social media audience and for optimizing our content strategy.
  • Peak10 Hosting — If you need high volume hosting then look no further than Peak10. Thanks, guys for hosting ShockAlarm!
  • Underproduction Multimedia — From video production to live event coverage, the team at Underproduction Multimedia did an amazing job!
  • Veracity Technologies LLCVeracity Technologies specializes in helping companies take their businesses to the next level. These folks have underpinned everything we’ve done to date.


Thank you to all these amazing companies to help us get ShockAlarm launched. Together we’re hoping to eliminate the tragedy of ESD, Electric Shock Drowning, for all swimmers so no one ever loses a loved one again bat the hands of this preventable accident. Please join us by supporting our Kickstarter overcrowding event or simply share our message for all swimmers to, #ThinkBeforeYouJump.